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Seattle Country Day School

Seattle Country Day School was established in 1964. Every year they hold an auction as a fundraiser and “friendraiser” that gathers community members together to benefit students of the school. Playfish Media was honored to be a part of 2016’s Oh! The Places You’ll Go! auction. Approximately 400 members of the community came together to raise $450K for financial aid, innovative programs, and a brand new bus. Andrea Sanders, the School’s Director of Advancement, answered a few questions about their experience working with Playfish Media. What were your needs & goals? We needed a... Read More

7 Quick Questions with ExtraHop

One of our favorite clients is Seattle-based, ExtraHop. A young start-up with the power and will to change the world of enterprise platforms, ExtraHop is a very busy tech company on the rise. We invited them to participate in a lightning round of questions to get feedback on our work together. We are so happy they took just a few minutes to give us some feedback (Thank you Rachel!). Why did you decide to work with Playfish Media? I was impressed with the quality of their products. But my subsequent conversation with Jillian sealed the deal. Even with my very inarticulate explanation of my... Read More

Corporate Video Case Study: Heather K. Jones

I wanted to stand out from my competition and reach more people. Heather K. Jones has spent the last 15 years assisting people who struggle with diet and food issues. As a registered dietician, health journalist and wellness coach, specializing in nutrition communications and behavior change therapy, she’s not only witnessed the many ways people attempt to lose weight but the widespread self-esteem issues and emotional trials that come along with it. “I wanted to offer a place where people could lose weight and keep it off through a place of love as opposed to fear,” says Heather. Whi... Read More