Mercy Housing is a national nonprofit organization that develops and manages affordable housing for low-income populations, including families, seniors, and people with special needs. We began partnering with their regional Northwest branch in 2016, producing videos for their annual fundraisers and interviewing families and employees about their experiences. In 2020, we produced a series of “Power of Home” videos to show at their annual breakfast by the same name, which capture emotional stories showcasing the impact of their organization.

From The Client

We have worked with the Playfish Media team for three years now and they never disappoint. They're a creative and fun bunch - always easy to work with and very professional. We've been happy with all three of the videos that they'e produced for our fundraising event each year. We'd highly recommend working with them on your video projects. As a nonprofit org, we always feel like they put special attention into the story that they are telling through each video to inspire our audience. And, they're a local, woman-owned company. Their videos have supported an increase in funding raised, with over 20% increase for this year’s event alone. Quality shines through their craftsmanship due to their efforts in relationship-building and working to fully understand the mission.

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