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How can I prevent the tech risks of virtual events?

Technology can be fickle, but there are many ways to help mitigate the tech risks of virtual events by rehearsals, testing, and practicing as many times as possible before showtime. We also create backup plans and safeguards in case something goes wrong.

How do I choose a virtual event platform?

We know choosing a platform can often be daunting – there are so many out there! Each platform offers different combinations of functionality at varying price points. First, we have found it easiest to identify the type of experience you want your audience to have: Do you want interactive elements like a Q&A? Do you need payment functionality for a fundraising, for example? Do you need a more traditional webinar format? Once you know more about the type of event experience you want to design, we can help you find the right platform for your event.

Do you require a contract?

A contract ensures both the client and Playfish Media are protected. It lays out the terms and conditions that are to be fulfilled by both sides. What we discussed during the exploration phase of the production meeting is written in a contract. We require a contract for every project.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and can provide any venue or location with the necessary insurance paperwork.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! When can we leave? We discuss travel terms during the contract phase. We do require appropriate compensation for food, lodging, and travel time.

What is the turnaround time?

Every project is different. Delivery time depends on the scope and scale of the project. If we shoot outdoors, delays may occur due to weather. If certain on-camera talent is needed, scheduling may be a factor. All of these considerations are discussed with our clients and their deadline requirements to ensure that we deliver the project on time.

How much will my video cost?

While we wish there were a simple answer, we need all relevant details about your project to provide a meaningful quote. We offer all our clients a free consultation to discuss their project requirements. In general, the more time and resources required to fulfill your vision, the more your video will cost. We can produce videos within a wide range of budgets, and we look forward to working with you to create the most cost-effective video for your budget and your vision.

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What is the cost for virtual event production?

Let’s get down to brass-tacks – how the heck much is this going to cost? Virtual events, just like most productions, are not one size fits all. They can range from 30-minute webinars to multi-day, broadcast-quality experiences – which means costs can vary dramatically. However, once you identify a few key elements of your event, it will be easier for us to determine the budget needed for production and provide you with a budget range. If you’re interested in our services, reach out, and we’re happy to chat about your event and provide an estimate of the cost.

Can I work with Playfish Media if I already have secured an event technology platform?

Absolutely! We do not have an allegiance to any specific platform. Instead, we work with all types of platforms to deliver your best virtual event experience. We’re well-versed in many different platforms and can handle everything from the technical to the design to the day-of execution to make sure your event is polished, professional, and engaging.

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