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As a nonprofit, you have a meaningful cause that drives your organization. As visual storytellers, we have the tools to share it in a meaningful way with your

audience. Together, we can create stunning visuals to compel donors, encourage supporters, and enlist volunteers.

Nonprofit Video Production Services

A video isn’t just about bringing your mission to life, it should also be practical and help you get more exposure for your cause. We can create videos to achieve anything you like:

  • Increase opportunities for fundraising
  • Inspire donors, supporters, and volunteers to take the next step
  • Gather testimonials
  • Highlight your campaigns and events
  • Get your news out there
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Create captivating profiles
  • Establish your organization’s identity
  • Appeal to the public for support and donations
  • Educate and inform your audience
  • Thank those who make it possible for you to do what you do

Why Choose Playfish Media?

We’re confident we can tell your story better than anyone else. Why? Because we’re 100% invested in your narrative and bringing it to life. We believe a beautifully crafted video is more influential than mere words or static images. Film elicits feeling, and we’re here to help broaden your reach by showcasing the impact of your cause.


How We Helped: Habitat for Humanity

To commemorate their 35 years of service to South King County, Habitat For Humanity entrusted us to create a testimonial video featuring what they’ve done over the years: enrich the lives of recipients and volunteers alike.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

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All Video Production Services

Virtual Events Video Production

We are leading the industry with full-service virtual event production services. Many industries have pivoted their in-person events online, and we can provide the expertise to make your virtual event a success.

Corporate Video Production

Expertly produced, stunningly creative company video - Your business has a voice. The best way to share that is with video. Let us help engage your team and clients.

Nonprofit Video Production

Your mission is to help others, and our mission is to help you succeed. Video is proven to increase visibility on fundraisers, PSAs, and board and volunteer recruitment.

Education Video Production

Whether it's a campus tour, a course program, or an annual fundraiser, video is a proven method to increase engagement and showcase your school, including potential students, current students, and alumni. We work with a lot of educational institutions and want to help you tell your next story.

Commercial Video Production

Stand out from the crowd with commercial and social media ads! Fifty-four percent of consumers want to see a video of a product or brand before they support it. We can help you meet your newest fans.

Event Video Production

Video can be used to impress. Future event sponsors help you successfully promote your next event and run social media campaigns that help you convert.