Welcoming our Newest Member!


Hey everyone, let’s all give a warm welcome to our newest Assistant Producer and Videographer, Alexis! She drove all the way from Las Vegas to Seattle to work with the Playfish family. Alexis is passionate about collaborating with other talented individuals around her and hopes to meet new people in Seattle to do just that. If you’re lucky, you’ll most likely see her running around set either filming or setting up equipment. If it has anything to do with cameras, you’ll probably see her there!

Here are some highlights about Alexis:

  1. Studied cinematography and producing in a small school in Ventura, CA.
  2. Passionate about empowering women to work in the film/video production industry.
  3. She personally got love advice from “Let’s Make a Deal’s” host, Wayne Brady.
  4. Loves to cook. She makes a mean boiled egg.

We hope you got to know Alexis a little bit better and you’ll definitely being seeing and hearing more from her soon. Welcome to the team, Alexis!!