Richard Sherman Public Service Announcement

EcoScraps is a sustainable, organic composting soil that utilizes a portion of America’s 30 million tons of yearly food waste (that’s 40% of the total produced!).  Their mission is to help the planet by growing gardens, not landfills.


Since 2010 they have been working hard to be part of the solution. They sell products from soil, to plant food, to fertilizer. If it helps the plants grow nice and strong, EcoScraps has it. This year we partnered with them to produce a public service announcement about the benefits their products bring to our world. Richard Sherman went to Sumner High School to surprise students there. He spoke to upcoming youth about the dangers of the methane gases produced by landfills, the benefits of recycling our food and the EcoScraps Products. Thank you EcoScraps for the work you do to save our environment, and thank you Richard Sherman for your gardening tips. Find out how you too can be a part of the solution at