Playfish Team’s Summer 2018 Highlights!!

With Summer slowly coming to a close, we hear from our team about the highlights of their Summer!!


Jillian: To keep it simple, Jillian went to concerts, went paddle boarding, and pretty much enjoyed every second of the Summer!



Alexis: “Out of all the Summers in my lifetime, I’d say this is the busiest I’ve ever been. I had family from the Philippines come to the U.S. for the first time, I went to the infamous Disneyland, and went bar hopping with close friends in Downtown Las Vegas. All of that was amazing, but my top highlight was being able to move to Seattle. Living in Las Vegas majority of my life, the change of weather and scenery is a major shift and I absolutely adore it. I’ve explored fun bars in Capitol Hill, ate some of the most delicious food (pictured below), and walked through some beautiful parks! I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Summer, but this one might have changed my mind.”



Nick: “It’s been a rip-roarin’, fun-filled, good ol’ Seattle summer for me and my wife Karina (super cool and cute (duh)).  We’ve enjoyed the weather—before the smoke arrived—hiking, playing frisbee, grilling, swimming, and enjoying America’s pastime (baseball (duh)).  We spent a week in New York, basking in the humid July heat and random celebrity sightings.  Most weekends were filled with visits from beloved friends and family, re-experiencing tourist attractions (turns out Pike Market is actually pretty cool!).

So yeah, it has been a great summer…except for the smoky air.”



Taylor: “My wife and I made a pact to do as many classic Seattle summer activities as possible and we definitely made a dent. A few highlights were the Fremont Solstice Parade, Seattle Pride, tubing and paddle boarding on various rivers and lakes, and of course camping in our teardrop trailer. Surprisingly the top highlight of summer wasn’t related to the season at all – our friends asked us to be the godparents (and next-in-line legal guardians) of this little munchkin, Mason! Our hearts are very full. :)”