Playfish Takes on Production for Shareconomy the Movie

We are excited to announce that we will be overseeing production on the feature length documentary, Shareconomy The Movie!
Playfish Media is simply elated to dive deeper into not only this riveting and relevant subject, but also this well-crafted film project which is 5 years in the making!


“Shareconomy is a feature documentary film that explores the rise of the sharing economy, a movement that is completely revolutionizing society. Thanks to new informational technologies and online social networks, we are easily able to put once idle assets to productive use. Whether the asset is a car, extra space at home, or simply time, a system has emerged to connect those with the “offering” to those in need of the goods, services, data and/or talent that is being “offered”. These burgeoning ‘Sharing Economy’ companies, collectively worth more than $500 billion, are disrupting major established industries and challenging current governmental regulations. This film will explore the benefits and repercussions of the sharing economy movement, questioning whether or not this ‘new economy’ will transform the way we work, live, and interact with each other forever.”

Learn more about the film here, and be sure to stay up to date on project developments by following on social media!