Playfish Media’s Scholarship Recipient!

We’re thrilled to have picked, Faith Green, as the recipient of the, “Playfish Media Film & Video Production Scholarship!” Our team was compelled by Faith’s essay because of her passion to be a thoughtful filmmaker that wants to make a difference through storytelling. Congratulations again, Faith!! Below, we featured one of our favorite essays Faith submitted.

“As a young filmmaker entering her sophomore year of college, in all honestly, the answers to what I uniquely bring to a project besides representing it is still pending. As creatives from many art forms, as novices we imitate the work of the professionals we admire before we’re able to forge our own perspective. It’s like when you begin the journey of self-discovery answering the question of who you are. It takes years; most people say you’ll know during college while others say it’ll take even longer. Maybe I’m unaware of my distinct perspective and maybe someone will have to tell me. I can’t tell you what I don’t know but what I do know is that in the films I’ve been involved in thus far, my top priority isn’t to be different but to tell stories that feel compelling and real to an audience. It’s what allows us to relate to one another and it’s something that drives me as a filmmaker.”