Meet The Apprentice

Ladies and Gentlemen, we at Playfish Media would like to introduce you to our latest and greatest addition:

Auston Thompson!


This hard working young man graces us with his presence in the office a couple times a week where he is an apprentice in training through the Recording Radio Film Culinary Connection (RRFC). He is currently studying to be a film editor and hopes to one day own his own full editing office space in the comfort of his own home.

Playfish Media is a good fit for him because,

I get to do what I love but I could not have asked for better mentors. Jillian and Nick are both amazing, helpful, and insightful.

When he’s not working on awesome projects, he enjoys writing poetry, listening to music, playing video games, and cooking. One of the projects Auston had his hands on was Timbercity Ginger Beer’s promotional video. This company is a Seattle-based Ginger Beer Brewing Company that uses fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love in their recipes. Check out this video and see where you can find and purchase this tasty beverage.

We are excited to see the growth in Auston during his stay here.