Introducing: Meet the Team Mondays!

We are stoked to be rolling out our new series: Meet the Team Mondays!

Tune in every Monday to get our insights into the video production process, our craft, and our team! We cover just about EVERYTHING.

From addressing FAQs to debating over whether The Shining beats The Exorcist (The Shining obviously wins..), this series will offer an in depth look at the work we do, why we do it, and help you feel more comfortable when approaching us with your video production needs.

We can’t say that we were particularly excited to be the ones on camera, but we hope you enjoy these videos and that taking the steps towards video marketing feel a tiny bit easier.

For our first video, we thought it would be appropriate to start out by asking the team what the last movie they watched was.
Here was the result:


Feeling inspired to work with this goofy team?

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