Announcing Our 2023 Annual Scholarship Winners

As a woman-owned company, Playfish Media strives to uplift lesser-heard voices in media production. In an effort to create a more inclusive environment, we offer annual scholarships to students enrolled in media-centered programs. Our scholarship is dedicated to advancing students from traditionally underrepresented groups, including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other marginalized communities in need of financial assistance to achieve their career goals.

This year, we’re excited to announce our scholarship winners, Katherinne Peralta and Amber Butler. 

Amber is a student at the University of Southern California, and she is pursuing an MFA in Film and TV Production. During her undergrad, she double majored in Theatre and Creative Writing, and began working as a stagehand during her free time. Her dream career includes working as a successful director, actress, and writer, and as a filmmaker, she plans to maintain a commitment to uplifting others through film in every project.

Katherinne is  from Nicaragua, and has lived in Canada and the US. She is the first one in her family to graduate from college in the United States. She feels that being Multicultural and Bilingual in English and Spanish helps her to create bridges between cultures. After graduation, she plans to make and work on documentaries targeting social and political issues. 

We wish both Amber and Katherinne great success in their future endeavors!