Adweek’s List of the Best Commercials in 2016

The commercials from last year really stood out, and we wanted to sum up and share Adweek’s list of the best commercials in 2016! From drama to comedy and many other genres, Adweek’s pick of the 10 best ads are a diverse array of commercials! Adweek said that 2016 had the year’s best Super Bowl ad, the best Christmas ad and the best Olympic ad.” Playfish Image 9Below is a compilation of Adweek’s pick for the 10 best ads in 2016.

#1 – Adweek’s first choice for best commercial was, Apple Music, “Taylor vs. Treadmill.” What’s better than seeing a celeb (Taylor Swift) fall flat on her face on a treadmill while singing?

#2 – Adweek’s second choice for best commercial was, Old Spice, “Rocket Car.” This commercial is all about the clichés of masculine advertising.

#3 – Adweek’s third choice for best commercial was, Morton Salt, “OK Go: The One Moment.” Combining Morton Salt’s charity initiative, Walk Her Walk along with fun, colorful stuff exploding – brilliant!

#4 – Adweek’s fourth choice for best commercial was, Kenzo, “My Mutant Brain.” Directed by Spike Jonze, this was a bizarre and riveting commercial that showed a women shooting laser beams from her fingers.

#5 – Adweek’s fifth choice for best commercial was, Jeep, “Portraits.” To celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, they showcased portraits of Jeep drivers who are celebrities and non-celebrities.

#6 –Adweek’s sixth choice for best commercial was, H&M, “Come Together.” Directed by Wes Anderson and staring Adrien Brody, this commercial weaves together H&M fashions with a Christmas twist.

#7 – Adweek’s seventh choice for best commercial was, Sandy Hook Promise, “Evan.” A high school love story that you’ll just have to watch.

#8 – Adweek’s eighth choice for best commercial was, Nike, “Da Da Ding.” This Nike commercial features a group of Indian women athletes as a way to admonish the fact that girls in India are told that sports are a waste of time.

#9 – Adweek’s ninth choice for best commercial was, Audi, “Duel.” A man and a women valet battle over the right to park an RS7 – you just have to see it!

#10 – Adweek’s tenth (and final) choice for best commercial was, Under Armour, “Rule Yourself: Michael Phelps.” As one of the world’s best athletes, this commercial stars Michael Phelps and sheds light on the psychological and physical costs of dedicating one’s life to swimming.


What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Any commercials you’ve seen in 2017 that you think will make the cut as one of the best for this year? We would like to hear your thoughts!
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