Playfish Media LLC was founded in 2011 by producer/director Jillian Suleski and editor Nick Nelson. Suleski and Nelson were film school classmates and both had extensive experience working freelance in the production industry. They are committed to the creative process and devoted to achieving excellence in video production. Playfish Media was founded with the aim to provide simple, honest-to-goodness superior client care, incredible creativity, and a no-holds barred attitude about getting it done right.



Jillian Suleski

Jillian Suleski

Owner, Producer, Director, and Cinematographer

“I got my start making films in 4th grade when my family got their first home camcorder. From that point, all my class projects were recoded. Sleep overs and hang-outs with my friends consisted of creating pseudo TV shows and rap videos. I didn’t realize this could be done as an actual career until much later in life, and I am so grateful to have found this path. I absolutely love people — working with them, learning about them, and using my craft to help them tell their stories. I have been spending a lot of my free time completing my first feature length documentary, Shareconomy. I draw inspiration from strong women, such as Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters."

Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson

Editor, Motion Graphics Designer and Cinematographer

“I believe film is an amazing and powerful art form, and editing is my favorite thing to do. I really love my job. The process of taking a bunch of footage, music, and audio that don’t seem to work together and turning them into a cohesive piece that draws people to watch. Showing real people’s stories is such a rewarding experience. I approach projects by finding the emotion and bringing it out in the best possible way. Occasionally I wonder to myself if the office is getting dusty, but I then I realize that’s my feelings coming through my eyes. I am always working to be the best editor/filmmaker I can be and to help Playfish Media provide great content to our clients. I believe in this company, both in what we create and what we stand for. My heroes include Paul Thomas Anderson, Brett Morgen, John Elway and Marcia Lucas.”

Jazmine Knaggs

Jazmine KnaggsOffice Manager

Greg Westhoff

Greg WesthoffDirector and Cinematographer

Taylor Shown

Taylor ShownEditor

Morgan McClanahan

Morgan McClanahanAssistant Producer