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    Why Video is Important for Your Fundraising Campaign?

    Playfish Media,videos,fundraising,events,video productionIt’s that time of year to start fundraising again; you want to make a big impact to your audience by mediums other than emailing, blogging, social posts, and you know a video message would be a great way to tell your story, but you have no idea where to start.  You know the goal of your video is to help drive funding for your company, so you need to make it impactful. How do you make it impactful and capture your desired audience? For the audience you’re targeting, video is a great way to make your audience feel like it’s in real time. There is an emotional connection you feel when watching a video that makes it feel like you’re in the same room as the person speaking. This connection helps in the long run to increase word of mouth about your company, thus gaining more attention and supporters.

    How Long Should Your Video Be?

    Great news – your video doesn’t need to be the length of a movie! It’s best to make your video short and to the point. The most important thing is to know who your audience is, so you can make your video succinct to capture their interest and entice them and help them understand why they should help your company. Which is why there needs to be a call to action at the end of the video, and a way for your audience to share the company’s message. Remember: word of mouth is one of the best ways to get information out to potential funders. You want to make it easy for people to share your message, because if they have to put effort into doing so, the likelihood of your message being shared is very slim. Some ways to do this is to put the embed code below the video, make social sharing prominent so it’s just a click of a button for someone to share, and make sure it’s easily found on your website and blog.

    Now What Do I Do to Create a Fundraising Video?

    Are you wondering how you choose which video platform you should use? What equipment you need? Should you do it in house or contact a vendor? These are all great questions and Playfish Media is here to help answer all these questions and more! Please contact us to learn how to make your next fundraising video impactful!

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    Why We Love Corporate Videos (And You Should, Too!)

    Playfish Media, Video, Production, Flim, Editing, CastingWhen creating a corporate marketing strategy, you can’t just rely solely on blogging to get your messaging out – you have to go above and beyond when it comes to creating unique and engaging content. What does this mean for your company? This means that you have to get your message out in different content forms, and through different channels.

    Below are some essential reasons why you need to integrate corporate video production into your marketing strategy and campaigns.

    People Consume Content in All Different Formats

    Your goal as a company is educating your customers and potential customers on your products, services, etc., and you need to learn and leverage the different types of ways people consume content. Because there are so many mediums to display your message on, you need to deliver the right content, to the right channels, to educate the right audience. You may be educating people on why they need to use your company, what products your company sells, or showing a tutorial on how to use your company’s products; it doesn’t matter what you sell, your goal for content creation will be educating the right target audience.

    Leverage More Than Just Blog Content on Your Website

    Think about blog content as only catering to one type of learner: those that are read-only. By producing corporate video content, you now can attract an audience who learn and/or like to view content visually. If, for example, your company has products that customers need to learn how to use or build, creating “how-to” videos would be a great way to engage learners who need visual step-by-step instructions. Also, by adding corporate video production into your content strategy, you’ll draw in consumers who love video content. By creating corporate videos, you can get the best of both worlds content wise, because underneath the video you can have the text that goes with the video.

    It’s easy to share videos!

    Sites such as Vimeo and YouTube have made it super easy to share by either linking to the video, or using the embed code. If you create compelling and fresh content with your videos, people will be more likely to share them via email, their social channels, etc. The more times people comment on, like or share your video, the higher possibility that video will come up in search results!

    Choosing a vendor

    When it comes to a corporate video production strategy, you need a vendor who will thoroughly discuss the goal or goals your company wants to achieve. Every project, from ideation to completion is a collaborative experience because at Playfish Media, we want to make sure you’re hitting the goals you need at each step in the production process.

    If you are looking to produce a corporate video, or just have questions about what it would look like to produce a corporate video, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@playfishmedia.com.

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