Why More Qualified Leads Could Be Just a Video Away

Are you looking for that breakthrough to generate more traffic to your website? Or do you have enough traffic, but can’t seem to keep them around for long? The solution is simple, but the process of reaching that solution can be rather difficult. Embolden your website with informative video content. Incorporating video to your website can help bridge that gap between potential consumers and your company. 

Dreamgrow states that you can increase conversions by 80% by including a video on your landing page. According to Wordstream, “the average user spends 88% more time on a website that contains video.” Why is that? We live in a visual culture and we quickly become captivated with moving pictures. Pretty soon, without realizing it, our trust builds with those pictures as our emotions ignite. We receive and retain more information with video than we otherwise would with text. 

Not only does video allow consumers to connect with your business emotionally, but it also does so tangibly. As reported by Dreamgrow, your company is “53 times more likely to show up first in google if you have a video embedded in your website”. By not including a video on your website, you are losing a huge opportunity to reach and interact with your target audience. It’s easy to see another static website get lost in a crowd. Not only that, but Hubspot mentions that a “massive 81% of people feature their video on their brand website.” If you are a part of the 19%, then you may be struggling to keep up with your competitors and thus, could be losing business.

There are plenty of ways a video could be applied to your brand, product, or service. Videos that give a background of your company and focus on key members helps to build trust and retain customers. Videos that explore your brand leave a lasting impression on visitors to your site. Videos that accentuate your product or service take them into a new dimension of recognizability.

Are you ready for your site’s marketing potential to explode? If so, let us help you create a video that will best represent your company’s culture, message, and mission. Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss our services and options with you.