The Many, MANY Ways to Market with Video

  • Demo/Product Videos

Demo and Product Videos are perfect for not only helping your company to stand out from others, but also for showing potential customers the process behind the finished product. People love transparency, and want their decisions to be easily made for them by videos that contain all of their values in one place.

For example, Seattle alone has about a million craft breweries, but customers are more inclined to feel good about buying from a company that openly shares their craft, their process, their sourcing and all of the special, eco-friendly, yada yada yada that goes into making that hoppy, local PNW beer we love so much. Plus, having a video that makes this process look much more rugged yet magical only helps draw in potential customers to your brand and leaves them feeling like they too can take part in the brewing experience by toting their newfound knowledge to friend over a cold one.

Here is an example of a product video we did for Timber City Ginger.
Here is an example of a product video we did for DRI-Z-AIR.

  • Fundraising/Campaign Videos

Is your nonprofit or organization having a gala or fundraiser? A nice 4-5 minute campaign video is perfect for presenting at these types of events to demonstrate the honest work of your org and the results/successes/impact that their donations have on the greater community. Nothing like an inspirational tear-jerker to move hearts… and hands to wallets.

Here is an example of an impact video that we produced for local nonprofit El Centro de la Raza
Here is an example of an impact video that we produced for Ventures Nonprofit for a fundraising campaign.

  • Case Study/Testimonial Videos

Let your customers advertise for you! A powerful testimonial goes a long way, and letting your potential clients hear from your current, satisfied ones fosters trust between your company and potential customers before you even meet them! By having those willing participants on camera demonstrating that they benefited from your company’s service, others may be convinced to take that final step.

Here is an example of a client testimonial for Brain Injury Law Seattle.

  • Informational Videos

Informational (or “how-to”) videos are super helpful in breaking down common problems consumers face, explain topics or industry concepts they may be looking to learn more about, or go further in depth to breakdown the complexities of your product.

Constantly promoting informational videos for your company engages current and potential consumers, and gives them a comprehensive breakdown of need-to-know information. These videos doesn’t necessarily have to be about a product you carry or service you offer, but if it relates to your industry and aids a potential client, they’ll be more willing to trust your company’s expertise.

Here is an example of an explainer video we did for Pental Surfaces.

  • Promotional/Company Profile Videos

Why should people work with you or buy your product? Give people a deeper understanding of your work with a promotional or company profile video. Its a chance for your company to establish your brand, target specific audiences, and most importantly, spell out why your company is unique to others in the same industry. Own a law firm? Consider making profile videos for the lawyers working in the office or the types of cases you typically take on. Work in an industry unknown to many? Make a company overview video about your underwater basket weaving company that details your mission, your work process, and the variety of services available. People may not know they need your services until they see your video!

Here is an example of a company profile video we did for Environmental Works.

Here is an example of company profile video we did for Quality Press.