Documentary Production Company Seattle

documentary production company seattle

At the heart of every film is a story — a beating, pulsating, thriving story

It’s what draws us in, speaks to our soul, and keeps our eyes glued to the flickering images on the screen. And that story, the one unfolding before us, is being interpreted by each of us with our own set of unique stories and experiences — it’s trying to reach deep within us to find a place to resonate, and when it does, it is within this communication that we feel the magic and connectivity of film.


We’re documentarians first and foremost

We believe that personal stories influence audiences more than anything … and well, real, personal stories are what drew us to this line of work in the first place. Documentary production is our specialty, and we have produced documentary films that range from 30-second commercials to feature length films for companies, agencies, organizations, and personal projects.

We are masters at on-location, real-story interviewing. Our process is designed to capture authentic stories that are visceral and honest, and we are skilled at making anyone that sits in front of our lens feel at ease and comfortable, so they can tell their story.


No matter what your story is, we are ready to help you capture it. Our documentary services include:

  • Expository Documentaries
  • Personal Legacy Videos
  • Memorials & Life Celebrations
  • Live Events
  • Achievement & Personal Mission (e.g. running a marathon)
  • Company or Organizational History
  • Weddings
  • Family Reunions & Parties
  • Autobiography or Biography
  • Ethical Will (e.g. life lessons, personal values, beliefs)

If you are looking to produce a video, or just have questions about what it would look like to produce a video, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Which story are you ready to tell?