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    Practice Makes Perfect: Educating Fundraisers with Nonprofit Video

    Knowledge is something that no one can take away from you.

    This is what kids at Practice Makes Perfect believe is the key to locking down a successful future.

    Practice Makes Perfect, a nonprofit organization based in Jamaica, New York, is an nonprofit, education program that matches academically struggling elementary and middle school scholars with older, high-achieving peer mentors from the same community.

    But this organization is not only for those who struggling. It can also help gifted children advance in their studies.

    This five-week summer program provides the students at Richard S. Grossley Junior High School that competitive edge for the upcoming school year while mastering what they learned previously.


    Practice Makes Perfect approached Playfish Media in July 2015 to discuss their fundraising strategy. Video was a medium they had not tried before to meet their fundraising goals but were interested in exploring the possibilities. After all, showcasing their program through authentic connections with directors, students and founders allowed donors to see inside the program to where the real difference is being made. After consulting with our team, Practice Makes Perfect agreed that a nonprofit video was the most effective approach to showcase what made their organization special – their unique, hands-on approach to mentoring the youth of tomorrow.

    Playfish didn’t hesitate to dive into this project and traveled to the New York for a two-day shoot at Richard S. Grossley Junior High. The two-day shoot involved shots from all over campus as well as interviews with mentors, teachers, founders, and most importantly, the students.

    While shooting, we uncovered that “X” factor that set Practice Makes Perfect apart from other nonprofit organizations.

    • The level of dedication and care.
    • Completely different from your run-of-the-mill tutor experience, each student is assigned a “Teaching Coach, a “Teaching Fellow”, Mentors, and Scholars that all work together to support, connect and help each child succeed.
    • It’s more than just being there for their education. These mentors have an emotional, positive impact on students, strengthening community ties while boosting their self-worth.

    It’s more than just education and playing games,” said Shoeinsa, a mentor at Practice Makes Perfect. “We are there for them emotionally.

    Take a look at the fundraising video below and see the reason why Practice Makes Perfect invested in video to invest in their children’s future.