Corporate Video Case Study: Heather K. Jones

I wanted to stand out from my competition and reach more people.

Heather K. Jones has spent the last 15 years assisting people who struggle with diet and food issues. As a registered dietician, health journalist and wellness coach, specializing in nutrition communications and behavior change therapy, she’s not only witnessed the many ways people attempt to lose weight but the widespread self-esteem issues and emotional trials that come along with it.

“I wanted to offer a place where people could lose weight and keep it off through a place of love as opposed to fear,” says Heather.

While her weight loss philosophy has been shared through published book and articles, her main weight loss program is her focus. Smaller Size Bigger Life, is an online training program for women who struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, or body image issues.

The Journey Begins

With her program already in motion, Heather needed to break through the online barrier and connect with her audience on a face-to-face, emotional level. She recognized that video would allow viewers to see and hear her, providing Heather with a more authentic connection with those who were struggling.

Discovering Playfish

Heather stumbled upon Playfish Media after researching video companies in the Seattle areaand reading Yelp reviews. After speaking with three different teams, she knew Playfish would be the one to execute her dreams to her specifications.

“Jillian and I just clicked- she was down to earth in a grounded way and understood my vision The fact that Playfish is female- owned also drove my decision to pick Playfish,” says Heather.


Heather’s online course, Smaller Size, Bigger Life, is full of tips, articles, books, live seminars and in-course videos to help with weight loss.

First must-have:
Offer all visitors an inside look into what the program offered while not giving too much away.

Second Must-Have:
Heather needed both videos to use inside the portal and videos to promote her course and drive traffic to her site.

Third Must-Have:
The videos needed to look professional, connect with viewers and showcase her positivity and compassionate nature. They needed to be vehicles from which she could connect.

Shooting for Success

Playfish Media first teamed up with Heather in 2013 and, to date, produced and collaborated on more than 15 videos for her business.

Shooting video was a completely new experience for me,” says Heather. “I was so pleased with Jillian and her team- so kind, so professional, and obviously incredibly talented. The energy on the set was relaxed and put you at ease. What’s more is that I truly felt they believed in me and my work. That really shows in the final product.


  • Increased sales
  • Deeper customer engagement
  • Product development based on customer needs

Heather’s videos have not only enabled her to sell her weight loss course to more customers, but to connect with more people who are looking for ways to achieve optimum health. The added bonus of creating exceptional video has been the building of a community, which is something that Heather really cherishes.

When asked if she will continue to use video for her business, Heather was confident she would need more video content as her business continues to grow. Playfish helped Heather connect more deeply with her audience and create a measurable gauge of how engaged her customers were in her business.

Check out Heather’s promotional video for her weight loss program Smaller Size, Bigger Life below!