Seattle Country Day School

Seattle Country Day School was established in 1964. Every year they hold an auction as a fundraiser and “friendraiser” that gathers community members together to benefit students of the school. Playfish Media was honored to be a part of 2016’s Oh! The Places You’ll Go! auction. Approximately 400 members of the community came together to raise $450K for financial aid, innovative programs, and a brand new bus. Andrea Sanders, the School’s Director of Advancement, answered a few questions about their experience working with Playfish Media.

What were your needs & goals?

We needed a vendor who could capture our school spirit in a video to help raise money to purchase a new school bus.

How did you come across Playfish Media and why did you choose to work with Playfish?

Playfish was recommended by local, independent (e.g. Villa Academy & St. Thomas School) schools whom Playfish had previously partnered with.

What was the process of working with Playfish like?

Playfish Media made the process easy. They were able to…

  • Bring our vision to life.
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Come up with ideas.
  • Make the filming process a smooth and pleasant experience for all involved.

What was the finished product?

Would you recommend Playfish Media to colleagues or work with them again?

Absolutely! We hope to partner for our 2017 auction video and have already referred Playfish Media to inquiring parents who were raving about the video.






“We won’t lag behind, because we’ll have speed. We’ll pass the whole gang and soon take the lead. Wherever we drive, we’ll be best of the best. Wherever we go, we’ll top all the rest!” Dr. Seuss


For over 15 years, SCDS’s bus has transported students from 7:30 a.m. to well beyond the ‘last bell,’ day in and day out. It has taken eighth graders and their buddies to the pumpkin patch, middle schoolers to off-site PE, students across divisions on field trips, and teachers to retreats. The bus has faithfully transported students to track meets, soccer fields, Ultimate tournaments, and basketball games. Not to mention, the bus supports healthy transportation habits by bringing 18 children to campus each and every day! However, over time, the bus has become a bit tired. As the demands on the bus increase, it is time for it to retire to ensure the dependable transportation of our students.

A new bus will bring a PA system, working radio, and more seats, ready to transport students to community service, summer camps, field trips, and track meets. The engine, transmission, and starter will be up to snuff, with nary a worry about sagging upholstery, the leaky seat, and safety and stuff.

So let’s raise our paddles this eve and raise them high, because together there is something we need to buy. A new bus for students grades K-8, a new bus with all the bells and whistles would be GREAT!

With your support students are off to great places, they’re off and away to experience and explore OFF-SITE in an inquiry-kind-of-way!