7 Quick Questions with ExtraHop

One of our favorite clients is Seattle-based, ExtraHop. A young start-up with the power and will to change the world of enterprise platforms, ExtraHop is a very busy tech company on the rise. We invited them to participate in a lightning round of questions to get feedback on our work together.

We are so happy they took just a few minutes to give us some feedback (Thank you Rachel!).

Why did you decide to work with Playfish Media?

I was impressed with the quality of their products. But my subsequent conversation with Jillian sealed the deal. Even with my very inarticulate explanation of my vision for a video series, she was able to conceptualize what we were looking for and help us develop a strategic plan to get it.

What were your video goals?

Goal #1:
Create entertaining “shorts” out of 40 interviews.
Goal #2:
Videos needed to look polished and authentic
Goal #3:
Videos needed to improve our approachability

What was your experience working with Playfish Media?


They know what questions to ask to make sure we’re on the same page, and they take the time

to make sure that I feel comfortable with how we’re moving forward.

How was the process working with Playfish Media?


From the beginning, I’ve never had to worry about getting content in a timely manner. I’ve never had to wait days to get a response to a question. Even better, I know that they can take a pile of raw material and turn it into amazing, resonant video content. Knowing that even a rough cut is going to be high-quality gives me great peace of mind.

What was your favorite part about working with Playfish Media?

The best part of working with Playfish was definitely watching them conduct interviews.

When we shot the two main series that kicked off our relationship, I was absolutely amazed watching Jillian coax people out of their shells on camera. Even the most confident, outgoing people can get really nervous in front of a camera. Having the skill to make them forget that the camera is there is rare, but Jillian is a master.

What were the end results?

People love them!

Playfish produces top-notch video content – slick, polished, resonant – and they know how to do that while working within a client’s budget parameters. One comment that I’ve gotten a lot is that watching the videos feels like having a conversation with a real person. When you’re a professional considering whether to apply for a position with our company, or an IT professional evaluating whether to buy our product, that’s really powerful.

Will you continue working with Playfish Media for your video needs? If so, why?

We will definitely continue working with Playfish! The product we receive is consistently high quality. The team is responsive and easy to work with, and we’ve gotten a lot of value from the work they’ve done so far. I can’t wait to see what we do in 2016!