How to Make Your Video Investment Worthwhile

    The thought of making a video for your company is always on the back of your mind; you want to, but you’re unsure if it’s an investment that will prove worthwhile. When devoting time, energy, and money into something that promotes your company, you have high expectations, but at the same time you may have many worries. We’ve summarized some ways for your company to meet your expectations, while also keeping stress to a minimum.

    1. Pick a Purpose

    What’s the goal you wish to reach with this video? Do you want your video to focus on gaining new customers, to be a representation of your company in order to raise awareness, or a video that emphasizes your products or services? It’s vital to define your purpose before taking that next step in the pre-production process and equally important to stick with that purpose throughout the entirety of the video. Not only do you want to specify the purpose and overall message of the video, but you also want to establish the emotion and personality that you would like to express to your audience to properly engage with them.

    1. Make a Plan

    Try not to be on the fence about creating or hiring a team to create a video. When your company is all in, it leads to a more focused and dedicated team. Oftentimes the video doesn’t turn out exactly how a company wants it due to lack of investment. Hiring a professional team can greatly reduce the amount of stress the company would potentially endure, as videographers can provide insight on every step of the video production process (scripts, logistics, editing, etc.).

    Consider the strongest stories that you would like to tell, who you’d be telling them to, and how you would like them to be told. Define and understand your target audience. What do you think they want to hear or see? How can you effectively connect with them?

    1. Leave Them Wanting More

    There really is no need for an excessively long video, especially if it is a company profile video. Your company needs to consider their audience’s attention span and usually, they’re relatively short. It’s absolutely possible to convey the information that you want while keeping the video between 2-5 minutes. If your video does end up longer, then it’s usually due to too many points being made and that can lead to your purpose being lost.

    Lastly, don’t forget to promote your video! Post the video on your website, social media accounts, and email to your prospective clients and customers. Be proud of what you have accomplished!