How to Make Your Video Investment Worthwhile

    The thought of making a video for your company is always on the back of your mind; you want to, but you’re unsure if it’s an investment that will prove worthwhile. When devoting time, energy, and money into something that promotes your company, you have high expectations, but at the same time you may have many worries. We’ve summarized some ways for your company to meet your expectations, while also keeping stress to a minimum.

    1. Pick a Purpose

    What’s the goal you wish to reach with this video? Do you want your video to focus on gaining new customers, to be a representation of your company in order to raise awareness, or a video that emphasizes your products or services? It’s vital to define your purpose before taking that next step in the pre-production process and equally important to stick with that purpose throughout the entirety of the video. Not only do you want to specify the purpose and overall message of the video, but you also want to establish the emotion and personality that you would like to express to your audience to properly engage with them.

    1. Make a Plan

    Try not to be on the fence about creating or hiring a team to create a video. When your company is all in, it leads to a more focused and dedicated team. Oftentimes the video doesn’t turn out exactly how a company wants it due to lack of investment. Hiring a professional team can greatly reduce the amount of stress the company would potentially endure, as videographers can provide insight on every step of the video production process (scripts, logistics, editing, etc.).

    Consider the strongest stories that you would like to tell, who you’d be telling them to, and how you would like them to be told. Define and understand your target audience. What do you think they want to hear or see? How can you effectively connect with them?

    1. Leave Them Wanting More

    There really is no need for an excessively long video, especially if it is a company profile video. Your company needs to consider their audience’s attention span and usually, they’re relatively short. It’s absolutely possible to convey the information that you want while keeping the video between 2-5 minutes. If your video does end up longer, then it’s usually due to too many points being made and that can lead to your purpose being lost.

    Lastly, don’t forget to promote your video! Post the video on your website, social media accounts, and email to your prospective clients and customers. Be proud of what you have accomplished!


    Why More Qualified Leads Could Be Just a Video Away

    Are you looking for that breakthrough to generate more traffic to your website? Or do you have enough traffic, but can’t seem to keep them around for long? The solution is simple, but the process of reaching that solution can be rather difficult. Embolden your website with informative video content. Incorporating video to your website can help bridge that gap between potential consumers and your company. 

    Dreamgrow states that you can increase conversions by 80% by including a video on your landing page. According to Wordstream, “the average user spends 88% more time on a website that contains video.” Why is that? We live in a visual culture and we quickly become captivated with moving pictures. Pretty soon, without realizing it, our trust builds with those pictures as our emotions ignite. We receive and retain more information with video than we otherwise would with text. 

    Not only does video allow consumers to connect with your business emotionally, but it also does so tangibly. As reported by Dreamgrow, your company is “53 times more likely to show up first in google if you have a video embedded in your website”. By not including a video on your website, you are losing a huge opportunity to reach and interact with your target audience. It’s easy to see another static website get lost in a crowd. Not only that, but Hubspot mentions that a “massive 81% of people feature their video on their brand website.” If you are a part of the 19%, then you may be struggling to keep up with your competitors and thus, could be losing business.

    There are plenty of ways a video could be applied to your brand, product, or service. Videos that give a background of your company and focus on key members helps to build trust and retain customers. Videos that explore your brand leave a lasting impression on visitors to your site. Videos that accentuate your product or service take them into a new dimension of recognizability.

    Are you ready for your site’s marketing potential to explode? If so, let us help you create a video that will best represent your company’s culture, message, and mission. Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss our services and options with you.


    Three Time-Lapse Apps to Create Beautiful Memories

    Time-lapse videos are an action-packed way to grab audience’s attention on social media. Time-lapse videos can be used in anything and for anything; these videos are a creative way to add content and set scenes. Some examples of where you could use time-lapse videos are for an extreme sports or nature documentary, watching the clouds move above you, at your children’s events, or for a news report – there are endless possibilities to drum up.

    Android and iOS devices allow users to create time-lapse material using their native camera app. Because your camera app comes with your phone and doesn’t have all the cool features camera apps on the marketplace offer, you may want to check out these three free apps that will allow you a little more control over your video and shots. Check them out and have fun with your next video!

    Hyperlapse by Instagram

    Hyperlapse is Instagram’s app that converts shaky videos that are up to 45 minutes long into smooth, “stable and cinematic feeling hyperlapses/time-lapses at the press of a button,” as PetaPixel explains. This app has made it super easy for anybody to create smooth, time-lapse sequences with only your phone.

    Lapse It

    Lapse It is a time-lapse and stop motion camera app which captures high image quality for a beautiful time-lapse video that looks like it was professionally made. Lapse It allows users to resume capture over multiple days or for different locations you are wanting to shoot. As described on Lapse It’s website, their app allows you to capture magical moments such as the rising and setting of the sun, a party with your friends, even individual activities, or anything else you can imagine.

    Framelapse – Time Lapse Camera

    Framelaspe is a full featured app for creating breathtaking time-lapse videos. This app has a simple, sleek, and intuitive interface which allows users to record high quality time-lapse material.

    Capture amazing new patterns in everyday settings which remain invisible to the naked eye. Take yourself on a journey through your time-lapse video whether you’re catching the sun rising over the mountains, or the trees swaying softly outside your window – there’s always a moment in time to capture!

    Have you tried any of these time-lapse video apps? What is your favorite time-lapse video app and why? Post a video to show us!

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    Virtual Reality technology is here, and in a big way. If you’re trying to create a captivating VR experience, then you’re in luck!

    In an article by Stephen Shankland in CNET called, “This Crazy Camera Could be a Boon to VR Filmmakers,” he explains that “researchers have found a way to build a 360-degree camera that’s compact but shoots high-quality video.” He said this “could be just the thing for virtual reality.” Would you rather choose a camera that’s compressed, or a heavier one that offers sharp imagery? Shankland writes how “researchers at the University of California at San Diego have found a way to get the best of both worlds” and it is a camera called PMast. As of today, PMast is just a prototype; it’s a “cube bulging with lenses and laced with fiber-optic.” The hope for this design is that it will eventually bring immersive video to movies, concerts, sports, and more interactive events – this is a real critical step for virtual reality. Imagine if you were able to be digitally transport to somewhere far away such as viewing the Northern Lights or touring the Egyptian Pyramids? How cool would that be!

    Researchers at the University of California at San Diego have been working hard on this new technology for VR, and it’s starting “to take off with high-profile backers like Facebook, Google and Samsung all investing in different headsets.” Not only are tech companies playing around with VR, but Hollywood is taking a stab at it. It does make sense that the movie industry would want to catch onto the VR tread, to give filmmakers a fresh perspectives on storytelling. An example of how filmmakers are using VR is from the Sundance Film Festival where “virtual reality [was] one of the attractions in movies like ‘Dear Angelica,’ which wants to get you inside a painter’s brain.”

    Shankland’s article also explains that “there are a number of different setups, from the high-end $600 Oculus Rift from Facebook to Google’s $50 Daydream headset, [yet] there’s still insufficient VR content to tempt mainstream consumers.” Why is VR content not a big hit with mainstream consumers? The answer could be as simple as that it’s “more of the same” as Ian Sherr explains in his blog article called “Virtually boring: VR really disappoints at [Consumer Electronics Show – CES] this year.”

    In Shankland’s article, UCSD professor Joseph Ford, who helped lead the project notes that there are a few companies who are starting to “build smaller, more convenient 360-degree cameras [but] PMast is [compact and] can capture the rich, high-resolution imagery that professionals need.” I guess we will just have to see what becomes of PMast and how well it’s received by companies and the everyday consumer.

    What are your thoughts about PMast? Have you used any VR technologies, and if so, what? Do you think VR is here to stay? We look forward to hearing your thoughts on VR.

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    Trying to Write a Video Script and Struggling?

    You know it’s important to put a video on your website. You know video will really help your ranking in Google. You know video helps keep customers are your site longer than written content. You’ve heard the statistics about video marketing in 2017; according to HubSpot, “by 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic.” Customers are more inclined to donate or buy when they can see more about your product. Now, it has come time for you to write a video script to help you leap over the mountain of has been content and what will be the way customers consume content because as HubSpot explains, “video is no longer an up-and-coming marketing tactic – it’s here, and it’s a powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects.” So what’s stopping you? We know the traditional time, money and writers block are hurdles in your way, so what if you had help getting started with some creative tips? Hopefully with a little help, this will get your brain spinning with crazy creative ideas!

    The natural advantage that video has over other forms of media is the speed at which you can engage with your customers and prospects. There are so many creative ways to make your story unique and pop. According to the blog on the Content Marketing Institute website titled “23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Content,” is that videos are multifaceted forms of media which marketers can leverage. The blog explains that videos “can be cooked up, loaded up, cut up, and served up in a wide variety of ways.” See examples from the blog post below about how videos can:

    • Work well in both long and short formats – from 6-second Vine videos to full-length documentary films, and everywhere in between.
    • Be timely, standalone statement pieces or ongoing serialized conversations that unfold over time.
    • Be presented as the main course or served as a pre-roll advertising appetizer.
    • Thrive in virtually any content platform – e.g., your website, blog, or other owned channels; in emails; on third-party video sites like YouTube; or inside SlideShare presentations and webinars.
    • Be well suited to being consumed on both the desktop and mobile environments.
    • Be repackaged, repurposed, and republished in conjunction with your other relevant content efforts.

    Have questions about creating a video? Contact us and we can discuss your video needs in detail.

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    Do you know who the right spokesperson is for your company or brand?

    video, video production, Playfish Media, cameraBusinesses of all kinds produce videos for their websites and respective video channels to build or grow their brand identity. Why now are company videos becoming more popular than ever? According to an article from Entrepreneur titled, 4 Ways Your Video Can Forge a Personal Connection and Grow Your Brand talks about how “storytelling through video can create a strong bond, because viewers — and customers — are drawn to it on a personal level.” It doesn’t matter the size of your organization or business, video can most definitely play an influential role in how your company or brand is viewed.

    Ready to create a video? There will be a lot of decisions that go into the process of making a video – from ideation to completion. You need to decide how you want your company to be perceived and what you want your audience and customers to feel and learn about your brand. One of the most important decisions is who you will choose to be the spokesperson for the video, because ultimately they will be who people see as the brand ambassador for your company.

    So who should be your video spokesperson? Some ideas who this person could be is:

    • Your CEO, CMO, CTO
    • If you’re a small company, you can choose to be the spokesperson
    • A product expert
    • Hire an expert in your field
    • Or, hiring a professional actor (the costlier) option

    Think you have what it takes to be the spokesperson? It’s not as easy as it seems, so here are a few tips if you’re going to be the video spokesperson:

    • Be likable and friendly
    • Be articulate
    • Have charisma
    • Persuasive
    • Lastly, have fun!

    The ultimate goal of the video is a form of media to help influence consumers to buy your product, hire your consultants, etc., so think carefully about the person you’re considering to be the spokesperson, and if they fit the criteria for what you’re trying to sell. It’s also very, very important for the spokesperson to be comfortable in front of the camera. If someone isn’t comfortable on camera, the discomfort will show and this could negatively affect the message you’re trying to convey. If you are the one chosen to be the spokesperson for your company or brand, yet are nervous in front of the camera, ABC Open wrote a blog on 10 Tips for Getting in Front of the Camera to help give you some pointers on what to ask and how to calm your nerves.

    It all comes down to the goal of your brand, your services and/or products, your target market, message, etc., so there isn’t one right way to find who will be the star of your video.

    Now, are you ready to shoot a video? Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss our services and options with you to help you grow your brand!

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    SXSW – 30th Anniversary!

    Another successful year has come to a close for South by Southwest, (SXSW) and they also celebrated a huge milestone – it’s been 30 years since the inception of the festival in 1987. SXSW is an annual festival with conferences such as film, interactive media and music, which takes place in mid-March in Austin, Texas. Over 10 days, you can choose from a wide selection of films, concerts, exhibits and conferences to attend.


    The list of conferences include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Brands and Marketing
    • Development and Code
    • Government
    • Health
    • Intelligent Future
    • Workplace
    • Tech Industry
    • VR/AR
    • Entertainment Influencers


    There was also an amazing lineup of speakers – everywhere from the entertainment to tech industry, and in-between. Some notable speakers were:

    Along with great speakers, conferences and exhibits, there is still something more important to see for innovators and artists – the award(s) they will hopefully walk away with! A list of all the award categories, finalist and winners can be found here. Congratulations to everyone that won and the finalists!

    Did you attend SXSW this year? Let us know your thoughts about what part or parts of the festivals were your favorite.

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    Adweek’s List of the Best Commercials in 2016

    The commercials from last year really stood out, and we wanted to sum up and share Adweek’s list of the best commercials in 2016! From drama to comedy and many other genres, Adweek’s pick of the 10 best ads are a diverse array of commercials! Adweek said that 2016 had the year’s best Super Bowl ad, the best Christmas ad and the best Olympic ad.” Playfish Image 9Below is a compilation of Adweek’s pick for the 10 best ads in 2016.

    #1 – Adweek’s first choice for best commercial was, Apple Music, “Taylor vs. Treadmill.” What’s better than seeing a celeb (Taylor Swift) fall flat on her face on a treadmill while singing?

    #2 – Adweek’s second choice for best commercial was, Old Spice, “Rocket Car.” This commercial is all about the clichés of masculine advertising.

    #3 – Adweek’s third choice for best commercial was, Morton Salt, “OK Go: The One Moment.” Combining Morton Salt’s charity initiative, Walk Her Walk along with fun, colorful stuff exploding – brilliant!

    #4 – Adweek’s fourth choice for best commercial was, Kenzo, “My Mutant Brain.” Directed by Spike Jonze, this was a bizarre and riveting commercial that showed a women shooting laser beams from her fingers.

    #5 – Adweek’s fifth choice for best commercial was, Jeep, “Portraits.” To celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, they showcased portraits of Jeep drivers who are celebrities and non-celebrities.

    #6 –Adweek’s sixth choice for best commercial was, H&M, “Come Together.” Directed by Wes Anderson and staring Adrien Brody, this commercial weaves together H&M fashions with a Christmas twist.

    #7 – Adweek’s seventh choice for best commercial was, Sandy Hook Promise, “Evan.” A high school love story that you’ll just have to watch.

    #8 – Adweek’s eighth choice for best commercial was, Nike, “Da Da Ding.” This Nike commercial features a group of Indian women athletes as a way to admonish the fact that girls in India are told that sports are a waste of time.

    #9 – Adweek’s ninth choice for best commercial was, Audi, “Duel.” A man and a women valet battle over the right to park an RS7 – you just have to see it!

    #10 – Adweek’s tenth (and final) choice for best commercial was, Under Armour, “Rule Yourself: Michael Phelps.” As one of the world’s best athletes, this commercial stars Michael Phelps and sheds light on the psychological and physical costs of dedicating one’s life to swimming.


    What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Any commercials you’ve seen in 2017 that you think will make the cut as one of the best for this year? We would like to hear your thoughts!

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    Define Your Target Audience

    Defining your target audience will help you position and communicate your unique value to your (very specific) Playfish Media, Video Company, Productionaudience. Therefore, you need to ensure you craft a message that is tailored to the concerns of a very well defined audience.

    Tell a Story That Makes a Powerful, Emotional Connection

    Combining a powerful, emotional connection, along with logic function when creating content, will give you great structure for a successful video campaign. With solid structure, you will know how to capture and keep your target audience’s attention

    Show, Don’t Tell

    According to a report from the fact based research company, Aberdeen Group, “brands that use video for marketing are growing their revenue 49% faster than brands that aren’t. Specifically, companies that relied on video in at least one marketing channel saw revenue growth of 13.3% compared to 8.9% for non-video marketers.” According to this study, video is a great marketing tactic to use – if you aren’t already, because video can persuade and inform your audience better than another type of media. Video can also engage all different demographics in your target audience because people can both see and/or hear it, or they can read the copy that accompanies the video. You not only explain your product, service, fundraiser, PSA, etc., but you can show the audience as well!

    Focus on Your Customer

    What matters most to your customer is how you can solve their problems. This is why you need to position your company as the most unique and experienced company in the industry to help your target customers. When creating a video, you should make sure it relates to the audience you’re targeting and attracts them to what you have to offer.

    Why Playfish Media?

    With our combined knowledge of video production and the creative process, we are here to ensure your video is up to your standards from conception through to completion. Contact us today for a quote and to see how we can help make your next video shoot amazing!

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